heya, I'm Mocha! ♡

22 | she/her | artist
I draw fluffy things!

Commissions: Closed

♡commission info♡

Commissions: Closed

My prices, gallery, and terms of service can be found on my commission carrd

My Carrd will always state whether or not I'm open for commissions.Quotes are always open, just message me on any of my social media platforms!To check my commission queue, please see my Trello.

♡about me♡

22 | she/her | artist

Heya, I'm Mocha! I'm an artist who enjoys drawing fluffy things in my free-time. I've been a member of the fandom for about 5 years now, and I've been drawing for as long as I've been here. Feel free to check out my work, I put lots of heart and love into the content I create!

♡interests & hobbies♡

A brief little list of things I enjoy!◇ art & drawing
◇ baking & cooking
◇ entomology
◇ vulture culture & taxidermy
◇ D&D and other TTRPGs
◇ dice collecting
◇ Ace Attorney
◇ Your Turn to Die
◇ Dorohedoro
◇ How to Train Your Dragon
◇ Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts
◇ Infinity Train
◇ The Owl House
◇ Amphibia
◇ Stardew Valley
◇ Minecraft
◇ Pokémon

♡profile content♡

I try to keep my profile as friendly and open as possible! That said, there may be stuff that's not suitable for everyone.I do my best to tag anything I post that could feature potentially upsetting content. Please let me know if there are any tags you'd like me to add in the future.I primarily post:
◇ furry-centric art
◇ ramblings about my own thoughts and whatnot
◇ the work of other artists in the form of shares & retweets
I may post:
◇ light gore
◇ swears and poor language
◇ discussions concerning 18+ content and issues
I may retweet or share:
◇ gore & body horror
◇ horror art
◇ bugs
◇ content from media I like
I will never interact with:
◇ NSFW or explicit content